There are a lot of places in Chicago to hold a wedding and reception. They’re large, they’re “fancy.” They’re “formal.” They’re sometimes soft beige, light gold and silk laden. There are chandeliers, restrictive catering lists, minimums for catering and alcohol. You can rent all sorts of chairs and tables from these beautiful places. You might be celebrating next to a rip roaring convention party. Don’t worry, you’ll have a sign to direct your guests to YOUR wedding/ reception..... can put on your dancing shoes and come to the one - and – only Catalyst Ranch and celebrate in a private vintage loft right in downtown Chicago.

Express yourself! The Polka, The Cha Cha, The Tango, The Mambo and The Jitterbug- high ceilings, exposed brick- wall to wall fun. We’re bursting with color and art and vintage furnishings. All of the retro tables and chairs, couches, comfy groupings are already for your grannys, aunts and uncles to sit and reminisce about some of the fun stuff they see!

Laughter, music, dancing, dining and celebrating on your special night here at the Ranch for you and up to 200 of your family and guests!

We only do one wedding per private floor, so no need to worry about the convention goers celebrating next door.

Choose a caterer that’s just right for you from the finest lineup of creative caterers this side of Lake Michigan.

It’s your dream- there is a place where you can be you when you get married. It’s Catalyst Ranch.


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