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Waltz on Over to the Third Floor of Catalyst Ranch

The third floor of the Ranch is our original space, with a total of 9,000 sq. ft. of cheery and bright colors. We only book one event per floor, so it’s always a private event. Pick any combination of the Polka, Cha Cha and Tango Rooms. If your party grows bigger than expected, it’s easy to add on another room. The Common Areas are on us and include a curved purple bar with orange mosaic tiles, the Sausage Room (where they smoked sausages back in the 1880s), some café tables and a seating area.


The Polka Room Event Space


The Polka Room bursts with happiness and energy with two walls of windows pouring in sunshine for daytime events and showing off the city at night. The largest room at Catalyst Ranch, it’s our most popular room for fundraisers and wedding ceremonies and receptions. There’s plenty of room for a dance floor, as well as delectable food stations (maybe even a chocolate fountain) and of course the bar. It also has a special nook affectionately called the Harem. Make sure you share a quiet tete-a-tete with a special someone in the Harem when you’re here!


The Cha Cha Room Event Space


The Cha Cha Room is a favorite of a lot of our clients with its blue and green color palette. At 2,500 sq. ft. there’s space for quite the fantastic silent auction, birthday celebration with band and dancing or very special wedding ceremony. There’s also plenty of space for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah activities and interactive food stations.


The Tango Room Event Space


Our most intimate room on the floor is the Tango Room. With its cozy walls of reds and brick and double French doors which open out to the curved purple bar, it’s the perfect room for a baby or wedding shower. Or add it on as a quiet room for your older relatives who want to get away from the loud music in the Polka Room where the younger folks are dancing their feet off – although we’ve caught a grandmother here or there doing the hoola-hoop, so you just never know!


The 3W Event Space Common Areas


One of the first things you see when you enter the floor is the beautiful curved purple bar which has been used for a dessert station, additional silent auction space and family memorabilia when celebrating that big birthday, to name a few. It’s really your call depending on the type of event you’re hosting. The Sausage Room just across the way has the full collection of Nancy Drew books (in case you need to fresh your memory of how the case in Volume #13 was solved) and a vintage vanity that’s great for primping before the ceremony.


Room Capacities & Floor Plans

Download the Polka Cocktail Reception Floor Plan
Download the Polka Room Plated Event Reception Floor Plan
Doanload a floor plan of the Polka Room Buffet Reception Event Floor Plan
Download a Ceremony Floor Plan for the Ploka Room
Download a floor plan of a cocktail reception in the Cha Cha room
Download a floor plan for a Plated Event Receptionfor the Cha Cha Room
Doanload a floor plan for a Buffet Reception Event for the Cha Cha Room
Download a floor plan for a wedding ceremony in the Cha Cha Room
Download a floor plan for a Cocktail Reception Event in the Tango Room
Download a Floor Plan for a Plated Reception Event in the Tango Room
Download a floor plan for a Buffet Reception Event in the Tango Room
Download a Floor Plan of a Ceremony in the Tango Room
Download a Floor Plan of a Fundraiser using the Polka and Cha Cha Room

*Capacities for Bar & Bat Mitzvah Receptions vary
depending on size of dance floor and other elements in event room.

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