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NAWBO - National Association of Women Business Owners Member

“Juice on the Loose ... Creativity at Work”

A Creativity & Innovation Community Event

Catalyst Ranch and Chicago Chapter of Creative Education Foundation (CEF) presented “Juice on the Loose . . . Creativity at Work” on February 10, 2004. The event was sponsored by Super Group® and was packed with networking, juicy creativity & innovation tools and techniques that attendees could take back to work and use immediately.

Eight featured presenters gave an espresso dose of content in thirty minutes each.

1. CIA Recruit - presented by Scott Buchanan of Super Group. Scott revealed techniques on introducing creative thinking into your culture in a non-intrusive way - it's called “Stealth Creativity” - sneak creativity in under the radar and help your organization get results.

2. Creating the Relevant AHA - Chris Barlow of the Co-Creativity Institute showed how to go beyond brainstorming to get to the root of complex challenges within conflicted organizations - and he made it fun!

3. Just Plug 'Em In: Improv-Inspired Exercises to Meet Specific Group Challenges - Brendan Sullivan brought interactive exercises which could be incorporated into group work, enhancing what you were already doing. Brendan helped bring improv into the boardroom.

4. Exploring Guided Imagery - Word-based brainstorming is not the only tool to generate ideas. Janet Finley demonstrated how to tap into images and intuition to gain insights that help solve complex problems.

5. Heartful Planning - Project plans get done when people care and the best plans don’t if there is no “heart” for them. Alexis Driscoll instructed in a simple bottom up technique that identifies where the “drive” is - enabling better planning and outcomes.

6. Foursight - Adam Shames took us through four creative problem-solving profiles – Clarifier, Ideator, Developer, and Implementer, and related styles to high performing teams.

7. Come Back to Your Senses - Lynn Staudacher helped you solve your career dilemma.

8. Imagine A Creative Economy - Tom Tresser led a provocative session on imagining how creativity could transform the US economy.

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